Recent: “For Violet Oakley” at SANCTUARY, Philadelphia, 10-12 October

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Documentation for a work by rise set twilight (Linda Aubry Bullock and Mike Bullock), developed as part of the Sanctuary residency program at the University of Pennsylvania.

The piece centers around a 1500 lb. iron chandelier in the circular sanctuary space of a former Christian Science church (now called The Rotunda) on the campus of U. Penn. Designed by Violet Oakley and built by Louis Comfort Tiffany, the massive chandelier that once hung from the ceiling now rests on the sloping floor of the vast, domed Rotunda.
rise set twilight were inspired by the graceful, almost alien form of the grounded chandelier. Linda Bullock made porcelain vessels whose forms are inspired by the tapered shape of the original glass bulb covers, made by Tiffany and now mostly missing. Mike Bullock created a sound and light composition utilizing sounds recorded in the highly reverberant space. The sounds – harp, contrabass, and voices – are combined with synthesized sounds created at EMS Stockholm and resonated directly into the steel structure. A series of LEDs controlled to an arduino was set up inside the translucent porcelain vessels, lighting them from within, flashing to patterns derived from Oakley’s own words.

“The Rotunda and Bowerbird are proud to present SANCTUARY, a series of sound based & site specific works created for The Rotunda’s rarely seen main sanctuary. This space – which is covered by a massive 4 story, 80-foot diameter dome – will house new works by seven Philadelphia based artists – John Phillips & Carolyn Healy, Michael & Linda Bullock, Jorge Cousineau, Tiona McClodden, and Daniel Fishkin. These works were created during a multi-month artist residency in the space and offer an opportunity for the public to reimagine the architectural, cultural, and historic context of The Rotunda from a variety of perspectives.”

“Figures Without Ground” on Pitchfork

Many thanks to Marc Masters and Grayson Currin for including me and the Figures Without Ground LP in the latest edition of The Out Door on Pitchfork, in an article titled “Genres of One.”

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Artist Series #1: Max Neuhaus

The first in a series of porcelain plates dedicated to pioneers of sound in art. Max Neuhaus’ quote about his discontent with music performance and his transition into make installation sound pieces comes to life in the context of his famous shirtless album cover for “Electronic Music and Percussion.”

I felt it [music performance] had a number of flaws, the major one being the onus of entertainment, a serious burden for any art form. – Max Neuhaus, “Modus Operandi,” from Max Neuhaus: Sound Works, Vol I

Coming soon: Alvin Lucier and moredish_soundart_Neuhaus02

Figures Without Ground, LP on Sedimental, available now

Available October 1st from Sedimental!


For sample clips and ordering information, visit the page on the Sedimental Records website.

Figures Without Ground is the third in a series of three releases, across three labels and three formats, representing a total of six compositions. The first two releases in this series were Music for Cinema (cassette, YDLMIER), and Mild Disappearances (CD-R, Songs From Under the Floorboards, a sub-label of Intransitive Recordings). The two sides of Figures Without Ground represent for me a major transition from one mode of composition to another.

The cover of the album is a porcelain piece I made at the Aubry Arts studio and partially submerged in a pond in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Hibernation, a new cassette by Twilight of the Century

Available now from Tape Drift – $7 postage paid. Streaming sample available on the tape’s webpage.

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From Eric Hardiman’s post on the label website:

“First available recordings of this long-running (yet rarely playing) improvisational unit, consisting of Ray Hare, Mike Bullock, Linda Aubry Bullock, and Eric Hardiman. Coming together in 2008 as a one-off merger between Century Plants and Rise Set Twilight, TOC quickly took on a life of its own, with each of the four members providing a unique voice and set of experience. This tape showcases a single session, with the group creating 4 epic tracks that range from hauntingly atmospheric to menacing and ominous, with countless stopping points in between. Mysterious synth textures, Linda’s treated voice, Ray’s guitar and inimitable vox, and dueling doom-laden yet contemplative bass riffs from Mike and Eric are the core ingredients, and together they form a whole that defies description. Features cover art by Stunned Records’ Myste French. Dig in!”

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