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BREAKING NEWS: DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL, namely the UK's recent spike in Covid cases, we have decided to postpone Flight of the Pipistrelle, originally scheduled for April - May 2022.

We will still be participating in REVEIL, hosting a streaming event from the Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary. Find more information about our stream at the REVEIL webpage:

Boat stern left.tiff


Earlier this year, we started looking at videos of people living on canal boats in the UK. These boats are known as narrowboats. The UK has over two thousand miles of canals which have been in existence for hundreds of years.

We're enjoying learning about life on the canals. What appeals to us is the unique combination of proximity to nature, the slow travel on these peaceful waterways, and the community of people who make up this way of life.

The Team

Visual Confections Studio is owned by Linda Gale Aubry. Their creative methods encompass sculpture, animation, porcelain, painting, video, and music composition. Combining ornamental and decorative techniques with sound, Linda's work invites the viewer to their own experience of serenity and self-reflection.


As a continuation of our ongoing collaboration of recording, observing, and researching nature, our plan is to further these practices during our visit, with special emphasis on recording the many species of bats and other wildlife who make their homes around the canals and canal infrastructures. 


We look forward to working with other researchers and incorporating our findings into our artist practices for the purpose of sharing and educating others.

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