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Photo @2024 Anthony Cowie


New release: Smooring the Fire 

CD and digital on Rural Situationism

Rural Situationism presents Smooring the Fire, as part of their excellent site specific sound work series. Smooring the Fire was recorded underground over two sessions in summer 2023 in the disused Inchindown underground oil tank. A secret oil reserve during WWII, Inchindown has the longest reverberation time in the world. When playing down there we were conscious of it also as as relic of Scotland's long and complex relationship with petroleum. 
Applicable Tenses [Clare Archibald] 

Thee Manual Labour [Anthony Cowie]

Ears In Space [Mike Bullock]

New writing: "The Sound of Time Passing"

Writing about big stones, moving water, and ghosts of past peoples up now on Uncanny Landscapes, the thought-provoking and landscape-loving platform of Justin Hopper.

MAWJA: Old Dutch Masters

CD and download on Sedimental Recordings

Mazen Kerbaj: trumpet, crackle synth

Vic Rawlings: cello, open electronics

Mike Bullock: bass, electronics

Recorded at the legendary STEIM in 2007, this first-time archival release sounds so fresh it could have been recorded this year.

Order from Sedimental on their website or Bandcamp

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